Are Ab Rollers Effective?

ab roller review

The Ab Roller is definitely the best bang for buck device when working out your abdominals. It’s simply a device with grip handles on both sides of the wheel that will allow you to roll forwards and backwards. You can do these movements either on your knees (easier) or feet (more difficult/for experienced users) depending on how strong your initial core muscles are.

When rolling out make sure that you roll out as far as possible to allow full exposure to all your core muscles (hint: roll to the point where your chest begins to touch the ground). I won’t lie, I did try using the ab roller on my feet the first time and it didn’t work out so well.. I could only do one before dropping on the floor.. So I would recommend utilizing the ab roller on your knees first.

The Ab Roller will work out all your core muscles, develop your latissimus dorsi muscles and flexion muscles but I have found that my arms, shoulders and thighs had a lot of exposure when applying these 2 simple movements (rolling forwards then backwards). I was certainly sore the next day!

From the day that I’ve bought the Ab roller, I can say with confidence that my core muscles have been much more defined. I can now do a full roll-out; from a standing position, then slowly rolling out forwards until I’m parallel to the ground then rolling back to a standing position.

The Ab Roller is one of the few equipments that I still use today to improve and tone my core muscles and I strongly recommend that you add this exercise into your daily routine. It’s light weight, portable and a space saving exercise equipment!


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