Total Gym XLS Trainer Review


If you’ve been looking for a way to get into shape without leaving your house, you’ve probably tried a bunch of different things. Instead of getting the exercise you really need, you may have experimented with a fad diet or two with little success. That’s no reason to give up now. When I couldn’t get rid of the weight while staying home, I finally decided to get a Total Gym XLS Trainer. This machine has been a great amount of help to me in getting rid of my extra fat and keeping it off my thighs, gut and even my face.

While there is admittedly very little exercise you can do to give your face a workout, once the fat from your body begins to burn away even areas like the space under your chin will start to thin out. The Total Gym XLS Trainer is unique because it allows for a kind of prone position for the duration of your workout. There is a lot of pulling, stretching and tugging but very little impact so even if your joints are bad you can use this machine to get a really good workout. It works with a standing set of spokes for raising and lowering the main table.

Attached to this anchor are two holds which you may grip with your hands or slip the toe ends of your shoes into to exercise your legs as well. Once you’re all set and comfortable, you simply pull. This will roll your board along the tracks and prove to be all the exertion you need to get rid of your excess weight. I was also hesitant to believe how easily this machine worked at first but after using it for a few months now, I think it’s time to start telling others about the Total Gym XLS Trainer. I have never had a more comfortable workout in my life.

The Total Gym XLS Trainer isn’t as expensive as some other machines. Fact is, there just aren’t as many big, heavy parts to weigh this thing down and make it cost more. Even brand new you might be able to snatch one of these for $675 or less if you can find it at a real deal. Used models naturally sell for less but will be voided from any kind of manufacturer’s warranty. There are no weights either; your body and gravity’s hold on it provide all the resistance this machine needs. It is a cheaper, lighter and equally efficient alternative to other home gyms.

My experience with the Total Gym XLS has been a pretty good one. I really have no complaints and I think before I’m done I should mention one more thing. I’m a big guy naturally, 6’9’’ and stocky, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn this machine had a 400 pound user weight allowance. Many of the other home gyms I’ve seen aren’t fit for people over 300 pounds and that’s bad news for someone my size. If you’re a big guy like me then you should absolutely take a closer look at this home gym and fitness system. It’s got everything you need to make a healthier you.



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