Yoga For Great Abs and Perfect Fitness

No matter what kind of physique you may sport, you can never go wrong with a set of washboard abs. While there are elaborate routines for getting the coveted mid-section, a simple five minute exercise each morning will go a long way to tone your ab muscles. Simply use a yoga mat and lie on the floor, keep that back flat, and move your legs in the air alternately as if you are cycling uphill. Make sure you extend fully as you push on the ‘pedal’ so as to straighten your knees.

If you ordinarily use the outdoors for working out, winter months can be a pain. It might help if you choose something entirely different that can be performed indoors to make sure you don’t get lazy. If you preferred cycling or jogging, try yoga or weight training, or even aerobics to music. Join a gym and, if possible, partner up with someone. Just make sure you do not get too cozy during the cold months!

Yoga is something that anybody can use to remain in perfect shape. Yoga movements are slow and deliberate, and they stretch specific parts of your body and give you overall flexibility. Fat burning is related directly to how well you work the core muscles, and the static poses of Yoga do work the core when you maintain a pose for a length of time. Yoga may also serve as a welcome break after a particularly rigorous training schedule while still giving you a good workout.

If you suffer from past injuries, especially joint problems, Yoga can provide you with the perfect way to an intense but safe workout session where you are always in control with regard to stress your body experiences.

Hatha Yoga incorporates physical workout with improved mental focus. The Sun Salutation, when performed twice daily upon rising and before turning in can really help to keep you healthy in a holistic manner. All it takes is between 15 and 30 minutes of gentle stretches coupled with deep breathing, and maintenance of a slightly meditative state of mind. You will feel the difference in just a few days of practice in the form of relaxed joints and muscles, and a calm disposition.

Yoga is not any longer the exotic, new age phenomenon that it used to be. You may be hard pressed to find someone today that has not at least once in their lifetime tried some form of Yoga routine. Various forms of Yoga exist that you can use to stretch and tone individual muscle groups, improve concentration, or get yourself an intense and dynamic workout throughout your body.

Switching your workout patterns can keep you away from the dreaded plateau that affects everyone sooner or later. Whether it is attending a Yoga class or learning to dance, or even taking kickboxing lessons, you really have nothing to lose but excess weight, and in the process, you might find something that you really like.

There is one other interesting form of Yoga for pet owners. If you love playing with your dog, you can do it the optimal way, popularly called ‘Doggy Yoga’, to reap health benefits from your romp with your beloved canine companion. There are several health clubs that can advise you on the perfect way to make the most of your time when you take your dog out each day!

I would recommend starting off with the Gaiam Yoga Beginners Kit, it’s very cheap and affordable and contains all the equipment (a mat, belt & block) and information for each workout. You will feel very comfortable doing these exercises at your own pace by following the experienced instructor. This will be perfect for you if you are after the complete beginners package! Click here to begin your workout!

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  1. Mary Clare on said:

    I’ve been doing Yoga for awhile now too and I can definitely say that it really helps doing it very early in the morning :)

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